No Worries...Curry! Gift set
No Worries...Curry! Gift set

No Worries...Curry! Gift set

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What the spice gift set contains:

1) 6 spices catered to a specific Indian recipe as shown on the show (meal prep) 

2) A semi precious stone with believed health benefits matching one of the spices

3) A 'No Worries...Curry!' Cookbook with 10 different recipes

Struggle to cook Indian food because you either lack the spices or the recipes, or just don't know which spices to use? We came up with an easy and fun solution for that. Our new gift sets include a 'No Worries...Curry!' spice box catered specifically to each recipe in our show, as well as a semi-precious stone (options of malachite, ruby, chrysoprase, topaz and coral. Each gem is believed to have certain health benefits which match well with one of the spices in the box. The choice of stone and custom recipe spice box can be customized here as you order.

Options for custom spice boxes are:

1) Chicken Tikka Masala 
2) Goan Fish Curry 
3) Butter Chicken
4) Shahi Paneer
5) Mixed Vegetable
6) Saag Aloo
7) Chicken Vindaloo
8) Tandoori Chicken
9) Papdi Chaat
10) Dal Makhani

This gift set is a great gift, amazing to use for making Indian food at home and simplifies Indian cooking.