About Us

No Worries…Curry! Is a cooking show. Mo and Marina Lang are a mother-daughter tag team of fun-filled kitchen laughs who love to cook and spend their days chasing their dreams! They are the stars of the hit Amazon Prime Video show, "No Worries... Curry!" now available on YouTube and they can't wait to open their kitchen to you and your family. The show is now a restaurant too where you can order their delicious, gourmet and healthy Indian meals for lunch and dinner. Their lunches and dinner are available for ordering on all the delivery apps, including Doordash, Grubhub, Postmates & UberEats

A little about the No Worries Curry, mother daughter duo-
Mo is a professional Chef and culture connoisseur. She was the co-owner of Cosmoehrenpick in Stuttgart, Germany. Cosmoehrenpick was a vegetarian restaurant specializing in cuisines of the world. She is currently an independent chef, specializing in Indian cuisine and others, as well as being the co-founder of Indian food brand & cooking show based in Los Angeles, No Worries…Curry. Mo is extremely educated culturally, as she has traveled to over 30 countries, speaks 6 languages, has done vast research in cuisine and culture. She has used these skills to be a focal part of an LA-based tour and events startup CityGyd, where she shares her in-depth knowledge of various cultures and lifestyles while sharing local experiences here in Los Angeles. She has also learned to cook authentic cuisine while both tasting and recreating various foods in different countries.

Previously a TV personality in India, Marina Lang is a mixed model, actress, and producer based in Los Angeles. She got her first role at 16 when she acted in a Bengali film 'Hridhoyhoron' in Kolkata. While still in India, she starred in 3 Indian national soap operas and was a finalist on the world-famous 'Top Model India'. After she moved to Los Angeles, she produced and starred in an entire season of a cooking show named No Worries...Curry!, while also producing an 18 award winning short film 'Invisible Flags'. Her production No Worries...Curry! had previously streamed on Amazon Prime. From a very young age, Marina has been a socialite and was featured on several print shoots and multiple ads. She is also a co-founder of this Indian food, brand No Worries...Curry. She is trained in Indian cuisine cooking and others. Marina is extremely accomplished at the age of 26, having had a successful media career, handling multiple major productions, building and managing a startup, and having a visionary mindset.is a mixed model, chef and producer in Los Angeles